One off payments by GoCardless instead of Stripe?

Is it possible to have the one off payments for invoice go through Go Cardless instead of stripe?

Hi @charlieconcierge

Yes, this is possible, through two options.

  1. GoCardless offers “Instant Bank Payments”, which uses Open Banking.
  2. Even though a direct debit can be setup, it can be used for one-off invoices.

Once your client selects “GoCardless” from the payment options, they’ll be given the two options

The two options look like this -

Is this how they would typically pay, or would you be looking at taking funds by direct debit for one off invoices (without your client logging in each time)?

We do take one off invoices by dd if they have one set up. But if they log into their account to pay by card it goes directly to Stripe - we wanted to change it to GC if possible?

They would need to select “Make a bank transfer” option which would then reveal GoCardless. Stripe appears under the “Pay by card” option.

You can disable Stripe on a client-by-client basis if needed, which would hide that option for them. This can be done by modifying the client entry.

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