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Online payment link on invoice - automatically log in


Hello everyone,

Sorry to bother you but I was hoping you might be able to help me with this one.

When a new invoice is generated a link is added to it allowing customers to pay online. The link takes them to our QuickFile page e.g. businessname.quickfile.co.uk and then the customer has to log in.

I was wondering whether the system could be changed so that I link could be generated that takes the user directly to the invoice, without the need to login.

I’m just thinking that most of our customers don’t remember the login to QF. Is it possible? Is it a good idea? There may be flaws to the idea and many good reasons why it’s not set up like this so happy to hear them but just curious.

Many thanks



Hi @favdes

The default behaviour is to automatically log the user in, so perhaps something has been changed on your account? There are a few things to check:

  • Check the client themselves - is “enforce client login” ticked?
  • What link is included in the new invoice email - if you’re using the default token (@InvoiceDirectLink) in the email template, this will automatically try to check them in

Hope that helps!



Thank you for getting back to me.

I’ve had a look and ‘enforce client login’ is not ticked and the link in the e-mail is ‘@DirectInvoiceLink@’.

The link in the pdf invoice is just to our QF site e.g. businessname.quickfile.co.uk - is there a way to change this as well so that it links directly to the invoice?

Kind regards



Hi @favdes

That shouldn’t be the case. If it’s the “new invoice created” or “new estimate created” email template, the link generated from the token should take you straight to the invoice itself as the token is for a direct link.

Is this something that a client has reported to you, or have you tested it yourself (e.g. by invoicing yourself)?


I think the OP is referring to the link that appears in the PDF itself (the one you can show or hide from the invoice customisation options) rather than the one in the body of the email.



Yes, Ian is right.

Kind regards



Apologies for the misunderstanding there!

We may be able to change this link. I’ll mark this as a feature request for the moment, and we can review it if there’s enough interest.

However, what I mentioned above relates to the emails sent to the clients. This would contain a link directly to the invoice and give them to option to pay too.


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