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Online payment of a partial payment


One of our members has opted to pay their fees by GoCardless. Previously they had paid by standing order and one of the invoices had been “Partial Paid”. It appears that when I select the partial payment for online payment the value is the full amount and not the remaining value. What I don’t want to do particularly, in this case, is collect the full value. How do I guarantee to collect the right amount?



Sorry to be a pain but could you reply to my question above.
If an invoice is marked as “Paid in Part” can I request an online payment via GoCardless for the remaining part?



I don’t use GoCardless myself but is it possible to create payments manually on the GoCardless site rather than through QuickFile? That might be a workaround - “log payment” on QuickFile directly into the GC holding account, then manually set up the matching DD collection on the GC side.



Hi @gjwguk

Apologies for not replying sooner - this one seems to have slipped past me!

When you attempt a collection by direct debit it should prompt you for a collection date, and also confirm the amount, which should be the balance of the invoice.

You can confirm everything before it’s submitted.



Just tried that and you’re absolutely right.

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