Online Payment option

My outgoing invoices for a new client are showing an online payment option, which I do not want. How do I trun it off, please?

Hello @Newchodge

You can go to Sales > Invoice Customisation > Click on the link section and tick this box


Many thanks. May I say how very unfriendly I find the invoice customisation screen. An apparently blank piece of paper and few instructions. The very faint typeface does not help.

Hi @Newchodge

Thank you for your feedback, and sorry to hear you find this page unfriendly.

Can I just check which page it is your referring to, and the faint typeface you’re seeing? Please feel free to upload a screenshot if that would help (remember to remove any sensitive or confidential information).

It is just the page that appears when you click invoice customisation. I find it uninviting!

Thanks for coming back to me.

Any suggestions you have to improve it are more than welcome! Just let us know and we can feed this back to our development team.