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Only allocate part pre-payment balance to invoice

I have client invoices that are often funded from multiple sources e.g. part from an insurance company and part by the customer.

Some customers have a pre-payment balance and I would like to use only some of it towards payment of an invoice. At the moment, as soon as I tick ‘apply from credit’ in the ‘log payment’ options, all of the pre-payment balance is used.

I would like to be able to specify how much of the pre-payment balance to use for the payment.

(Also, is there any way to add a note or comment to a pre-payment)?


Hi @davemidd

Paying the invoice with just some of the pre-payment balance isn’t a common scenario I don’t believe - generally the full credit is applied. That said, it’s not the first time it’s come up here, and there is a workaround.

The workaround involves adding a new line to the invoice, only temporary, to trick the system to think that the credit is paying the invoice in full. What you do id add a negative line o the invoice, for example:

Invoice total £2,000
Insurance will pay £1,000
Client has pre-payment balance of £1,200

Add a new line:
Credit adjustment -£1,000
Pay in full using credit (therefore leaves £200 on their account)
Remove the -£1,000 and the invoice is now marked as part paid

However I’ll leave this thread open for others to comment on this (some may know an easier way from their use of the system, or some may just wish to add their vote to your feature request).

I hope that helps!

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That certainly helps (and is very creative!), thanks. I’ll give it a go now.

I’d be happy to hear about any other possible workarounds and also to see part-prepayment added as a new feature.

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If you were to log the insurance payment first the invoice would then only have £1,000 remaining to be paid in the above example so you could then just pay this balance from the customer credit, leaving the other £200 where it is.

Thanks @Lurch. That would work if I had the insurance payment but not in cases where I need to deduct from the pre-payment first i.e. I’ve not yet received the insurance payment. Thanks for the suggestion though.

I often have cause to allocate pre-payments to different invoices and was disappointed to find this was not possible, so I believe it would be a useful feature to have. I got around it on this occasion by deleting all the pre-payments, then adding the amount I wished to allocate to the invoice as a new pre-payment, allocating it to said invoice before adding the remaining balance of pre-payment back onto the system. It worked but would have been a lot easier to have just been able to allocate set amounts to different invoices

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