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Only credit note without invoice


I have received only a credit note from a supplier without any invoice.
(The supplier taken from full amount his commission and sent the rest of amount to my bank account.)

Here I found the solution, I can set up a negative invoice:

But my question is: where I find in the quickfile “create a new credit note”? I have only “create new invoice” or “create new estimate”.

thanks in advance


To create an ad hoc credit note that doesn’t relate to an invoice you use the same new invoice/purchase tool but set a minus value - as soon as you enter a negative value it’ll switch to saying “credit”.


I have in Banking an account “Credit Notes/Refunds” in the Equity Accounts section. This allows for posting of credit notes to this account prior to receiving the refunded funds on a credit card or through the current account or other. There are usually a few days between the date shown on a credit note to when the monies turn up in a bank account.

It also allows the facility to chase up a supplier if the refund has not been received, for example this happened when changing over from one Electricity/Gas supplier to another, but by holding the details in a separate bank account it was easy to see that a request was required to the supplier for the refund (4 months after receiving the credit note).

Usually the account will show as zero, if all credit notes have been repaid.