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I have just signed up with opayo formerly sagepay to take payments on my website. opayo will handle the frontend card transactions which will then go to a Worldpay merchant account.

I am not sure how to set this up in quickfile. Do I just setup sagepay or do I need to set up for worldpay or both.
Is there a way to automatically import like I do with paypal.

A bit confused.


Hi @mike_c,

Unless the invoices are paid through QuickFile then the payments wouldn’t automatically import you would need to upload a statement or manually input the payments.

With regards to which account to set up, I’m not 100% clear on your set up but you’d want to see the pending card transaction and then the money being paid to you so I would have thought that’s the Opayo - you’d want this set up as a merchant account

I suspect you would need to create two suppliers

1.) SagePay/Opayo (as they will charge you for the payment processing)
2.) WorldPay (for the merchant fees etc)

In terms of bank account, then just set up WorldPay, as SagePay/Opayo is just the gateway to accept the payment.

Elavon now owns Opayo and might be worth reaching out to them to try and reduce your merchant fees and having the billing all with one supplier.

Thanks Lee.
When I signed up with opayo a few weeks ago they did not offer their own merchant account, they said they work with worldpay to provide the merchant account. So I now have opayo taking payments and settling them to a worldpay merchant account.

I am still in the test stage with no live transactions but opayo and Worldpay do not take any fees directly from the transactions. I receive the full amount and then receive a monthly invoice from both which is debited from my bank account. Opayo is a fixed monthly fee and and worldpay is a charge per transaction.

How strange, as Elavon now own Opayo (SagePay), We moved to Elavon as they were able to save ££ on merchant fees. I’d recommend speaking to them for sure.