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**My Barclays Bank feed has worked fine for years but suddenly it stopped and the Quickfile page reads -" Paused" but the connection is still active with 34 days left until three months confirmation required. Barclays claim there is nothing wrong at their end and suggest that the problem lies with Quickfile.

I can’t see anyway of rectifying the problem. Barclays suggest I cancel the link and start again but of course the danger is that I will almost certainly lose several weeks of transactions.

Hi @scipio

It’s usually paused because we received an error when trying to update your account. If you go to Options >> Bank Feed Settings on the bank account itself in QuickFile, you should see an option to unpause it:

However, removing the link and re-adding it won’t affect any transactions showing in QuickFile. Once they’ve been imported, they’re saved to your account.

Hope this helps!

Thanks. That worked to unpause the Bank Feed. However, it did not update the missing transactions from 8th December to 20th January. Consequently, the Bank Balance shown on Quickfile is massively different to the actual. Also, I am unable ot complete my VAT return. Is there some way I can update or manually enter the missing transactions? I have tried Refresh, but that did not work.

When you click “refresh” you can change the date on the first popup window. You can go back as far as 21 days for most bank feeds. For the period from the 8th December to beginning of January you can download a bank statement from your bank account and upload it to your bank account in quickfile.

You can also enter all missing entries manually by clicking +create on your bank account screen (within quickfile).

If the refresh button doesn’t bring in any transactions you may have to delete the feed completely and setup a new one. Also, as Mathew mentioned above, revoking the current feed and creating a new one doesn’t delete any transactions already stored in quickfile.

Hope this helps

Refresh did not work at all. However downloading a statement and selecting the missing transactions and up loading into Quickfile worked perfectly. Thanks for the help.

When the refresh process is not working and it is maybe best to delete the feed and create a new one. Do you get a error message when clicking the refresh button?

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