Open Banking Barclays issue - account not listed, spoken to Barclays

HI, same as the previous post. I have spoken to Barclays. They have said everything is fine their end, but that i cannot log a support enquiry at that level. only yourselves can do that.

We cannot see our business account. We have only one feed. I use the authentication code, and it grants me access to view my accounts. The only accounts i can see are personal not business. have tried to launch settings from the business tab, but no change. I pushed Barclays hard on this, as i believe it is their issue (coming from a computer background), however they have as above said i cannot log this level of enquiry and i have to do it through the third party that “has the issue”.

Hi Craig,

We can certainly try to raise this issue directly with the Barclays OB team. One thing you may also want to look at is the “third party permissions” within Barclays Online banking.


Is sharing enabled for your business accounts?

Failing that we can start a private message to get some more information on your account.

hi, yes this is where it falls short sadly. the Yodlee feed worked well. but the open banking feed once you manage third party permissions, and enter access code etc, it only allows me to see personal accounts. business sharing is on, and i had Barclays check their end despite limited help from them. Im happy to call them up and bend their ear if neccessary and i know they are just being unhelpful. the issue for me with barclays is within their app actually giving permission from their own app. which blatantly isn’t your fault. is there any way for us to have the Yodleee feed given the sheer amount of issues people are having with Barclays open banking?

Hi @Bristolbulldog

Unfortunately due to the change in legislation, if there’s an Open Banking feed available (such as the case with Barclays), Yodlee wouldn’t be permitted.

Let me send you a private message though, we’ll get a few more details from you, and we’ll see what we can do from our end.

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