Open Banking Clydesdale bank

Trying to activate open banking for Clydesdale bank
Previously used Yodlee
When i connect to Clydesdale I get the following error
Any idea what I am doing wrong?


Hi @rossdunbar

Sorry to hear you’re having problems here. Can you please let me know when you’re seeing the error message? Is it on the Clydesdale website, or QuickFile?

Like all such things when I returned to the problem it worked!
Thanks for coming back to me
I also have a Clydesdale bak credit card
Can I add that as well ? I can see it when I log in to Clydesdale on line banking

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Should be possible :slightly_smiling_face:

When you authorise the feed with the bank, they will list all accounts that are supported. This is limited by the bank directly.

Let me just double-check that credit cards are supported in general for this bank.

Yes, credit cards should be supported:

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Thanks for your answer, I was looking for that as well

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I have my current account up and running but cant figure out how to get my credit card syncing
Can you help

Hi @rossdunbar

You would need to authorise it when linking up QuickFile and the bank.

You may need to revoke the feed and set it back up again, unless the bank allows you to change it from their website.

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