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Open banking feed expiry?


My bank feed runs out in 84 days? do I have to pay this every 3 months and still possibly pay a subscription??? I paid 15+vat 6 days ago when I joined and my bank feed indicates I have 84 days left??



Hi @Maccarooni

This refers to the permission you’ve granted to QuickFile to read the transactions on your account. Under Open Banking rules, currently you can only grant access upto a maximum of 90 days.

Once this expires (and we’ll notify you when this is close) you can renew it by clicking a button i’n your account.

This is seperate from your subscription which lasts up to a year (depending on other subscriptions on your account).



Thank you for your response so promptly Mathew.
I do not pay any subscriptions at the moment but I have just started to use QF, I am sure that in time I will, so if I were subscribed, would the cost of the bank feed be included?



Hi @Maccarooni,

The £15 + VAT that you have paid for the bank feeds will last for 1 year, you will just need to refresh your log in details every 3 months as the banks require this for security. Once the year is up you will need to pay to continue using this service.

Additionally, if your account goes over 1,000 nominal transactions within a 12 month period then you will be prompted to pay for the Power user subscription which is £45+ VAT which also lasts for 1 year.

The bank feed subscription is completely separate to the power user subscription.

Hope this makes sense :slight_smile: