Open Banking Feed - Multiple Bank Accounts

Currently use the chrome extension and want to switch to the open banking feed but have a query. I can’t currently use all of my accounts in the chrome feeds as it can’t distinguish between the 5 separate accounts we have (2 natwest, 3 Santander)

Was wondering whether having several different accounts with the same bank is possible or does it have difficulty?

Hi @scoobeski

What types of accounts would you be looking to use with Open Banking?

At the moment only current accounts are supported (this is a limitation of Open Banking), but this will change in the future.

theyre mostly business current accounts, however one of the santander ones is a business savings account

Most of them should work then.

When you go through the authorisation process, the bank will ask you which accounts you wish to grant access to. If the account is listed, we can support it.

If that doesn’t work, Yodlee is still available, which does support a bigger range (as it works differently).

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