Open Banking Feed not renewing

Hi - my open banking feed was due to expire today but every time I try to renew it I get the message that my account (Santander) is blocked and to call them to unblock. I have called Santander who have said the bank account is fine and not blocked in anyway. I have tried using different PC’s and browsers but get the same message. I have now revoked the feed hoping that setting it up from scratch would resolve the issue but I am still getting the same message the my account is blocked. Not sure what else I can try?

That message would suggest otherwise. I think this is a case of your bank not actually bothering to look properly or not allowing the first line helpdesk access to the correct tools. You probably need to go back and escalate it.

Hi @BlueFlag,

Unfortunately this is something you would need to take up with Santander as its an error on their side.

We are not aware of any issues with them at the moment. You may need to be a little more persistent with Santander when you speak with them for them to actually look into it for you

Thanks - I will try the bank again.

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