Open Banking feed - Refresh option not showing

I’ve just tried manually refreshing the bank feed from the statement view but the option isn’t showing in the list anymore (see screenshot).

I’ve checked the OB menu and the account is still listed there and showing as active with 67 days remaining.

Would have raised this as a bug but wanted to check whether this was a planned change of behaviour/UX design first?

Hi Oliver_Nash,
What bank do you use? Has it worked before? It looks like the bank account you made the screenshot from is not connected to a bank feed. Did you connect the bank account in quickfile to the active bank feed? Can you see your bank logo next to your bank account in the accounts overview?

Hi @rhc,

I use Cater Allen. Yes, it’s worked before. Yes, the feed is mapped to the account and yes I can see the Cater Allen logo next to the account in the overview screen.

Hi Oliver_Nash,

Did you try to revoke the feed completely and connect it again?

Hi @Oliver_Nash

Apologies for this. This should now appear for you :slight_smile:

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