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Open banking feeds - unable to connect RBS Bankline

Over a month ago I signed up for the free trial, as I’m in a different location to the business owner she attempted to sign up but said there seemed to be an issue. As RBS and Natwest are supported (we use RBS bankline facility) I am not sure why this is? Has anyone else had this problem? We have paid the subscription and it says it is active.


When you say there is an issue, are you/is she seeing any errors on the screen?

According to her it just said it wasn’t possible to connect. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be giving me the option to try to connect up again as its just saying the subscription is active so I don’t know what I’m supposed to do next.


Thanks, i had already read that and unfortunately it doesnt help. The ‘activate bank feed’ is not in the options so though it says the feed is active I cannot find it. I am assuming its not authorised but I cant seem to find a way to either authorise it or start again. I’m wondering if someone else has had the same problem and how I would solve it. Maybe I’m missing something though?

Have you checked that you have the bank logo showing in the bank list? You may have to go in and edit the bank account to add the bank name from the drop down

Ah thank you, logo is missing off the current account. I’ll ask them to try and activate it again tomorrow now I’ve added logo.

Fingers crossed now.

Hi I tried the logo, I’ve spoken to the bank, still cannot get this working. Is there a way of applying for a refund as I might as well go back to manually loading this.



Sorry to hear you’re still experiencing issues here.

What is the error that you’re seeing? You’re welcome to upload screenshots here if that helps (just remove any sensitive data).

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