Open Banking - Tesco Bank


Is Tesco Bank available on Open Banking? I’d like to be able to import my credit card automatically.


Hi @Jsmith9114,

No, Tesco is not supported. You can find a list of the banks here:

You can however upload your statement to avoid having to enter all the transactions manually

Thanks Beth.
Is it a QF or Tesco thing? I had some leaflet from them about open banking.


Hi James,

From looking into it I can’t see that they offer business accounts. If they were to offer business accounts then it is possible for us to add the support for this. So in answer to your question, its a bit of both.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help

That’s ok, Thanks for the update.
Just thought I’d ask as they have recently changed the layout of their statements so you have to manually adjust the figures in excel before importing. (Credits import as debits and debits as credits :weary:)