Open Banking - Token Connections

Could you please let me know when the open banking feed for Co-operative Bank will be added?

I have spoken to the Co-operative Bank and they believe that the ball is in QuickFile’s court in terms of getting the open banking feed set up. Could you please let me know the technical details of the problem from QuickFile’s point of view, so that I can make the appropriate request when I contact the bank.

Hello @135thDerbyScouts

(Apologies if this is a bit technical)

QuickFile uses Open Banking Standards which were implemented by the likes of HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds, NatWest and so on.

A bit of Background

The Co-Op have opted, initially to use a MCI (Modified Customer Interface), which basically means, it runs on screen scaping, something we discourage

Our approach to meeting PSD2 regulatory compliance is to provide access via modified customer interfaces across our Co-operative Bank Personal, smile and Business Banking brands (ref).

Co-op have since implemented a setup, which is a third party and uses a different setup to the OB framework.

QuickFile doesn’t support Token connections at this time, but we’re always happy to look into these things if there’s enough interest from the community

I have changed the title and category of this feed to allow other users to vote. That way we can gauge the response

Do you know what banks actually use token apart from co op?

Sorry no, I don’t know that.

I would also like to voice support for getting a Co-Operative bank feed integration working. Thank you!

Please count me interested in the Co-op Business bank feed.
Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi all,

I didn’t realise there is a Vote button at the top of this the first time around. I’ve voted now but I bet there are many others who would like this feed looking at the amount of times it’s been requested since the Vote was set up.

Are all the other bank feeds that Quickfile supports using Open Banking? Even Amex?! Starling’s using something different isn’t it? Open Banking

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Hi @madbilly

All feeds except Starling uses Open Banking.

Although Starling does now support Open Banking, it was the first direct feed that was set up prior to Open Banking being introduced on a wide scale and works a little differently to the others.

Hi Mathew,

So Quickfile only wants to work with feeds that use the Open Banking format, rather than any others?

I know there’s a poll on this feature request, but if that really representative of the total number of Quickfile users who use Co-op business banking who would benefit from having an automated bank feed?

Are there any intermediate bank feed aggregators anyone’s aware of that I could use to get the Co-op bank feed, then somehow get it into Quickfile? I suppose I’d then need Quickfile to support the intermediate feed aggregator…

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi @madbilly

We’re happy to explore options for others. As mentioned, our Starling feed doesn’t use Open Banking and that’s supported.

What I would say is there are over 10,000 users on this forum, which I agree is only a percentage of users of QuickFile itself. However, they are likely to receive a summary (unless they unsubscribe), and this thread is at the top of the forum when new posts are made.

I would encourage anyone who’s interested in this feature to click the “Vote” button at the top and add a comment to add their support, too.

My understanding is (although I’m not part of the development team, so could be wrong), is Token is an aggregator, similar to others on the market like Plaid, TrueLayer and so on.

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Hi Mathew,
Thanks for the explanation. If you’d like someone to test this then please let me know.
Cheers :slight_smile: