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Opening Balance Adjustments year end

My accountant has just completed my year end - this is my first year using QuickFile. She has asked me to add some OBA’s via journals. I can’t actually do this though as I have completed the year end process and I can not get back into the year that I need … is there anyway that I can do this or re-open the year? Thanks.

Hi @BlueFlag

If the year end process has been run, this will do 2 things:

  • Generate a year-end journal
  • Lock the accounts upto the year-end date

So, to undo the year end lock, you’ll need to reverse it - delete the journal, and reverse the year-end lock date.

Thank you for your reply. So, I go into Journals and view ‘Year End Journals’ and than delete all of these? How do I reverse the year end lock date?

Yes, that’s correct with the journals. With the year end lock, if you go to Account Settings >> All Settings >> Account lock date:
You can change this date to a previous date, and that will unlock everything from the last year end.

Hope that makes sense?

Thank you. I have deleted the journals and changed the lock date to the previous year so I can now enter journals dated 30.9.19 - however … I am by no means an accountant and have no idea how to do this correctly - I have tried the forums searches but I want to make sure I am doing this correctly! I have attached a couple of the journals that I need to enter - would you possible be able to guide me through what I need to do. Thanks
2019-11-20 11.15.42.pdf (876.3 KB)

Hi @BlueFlag,

If you need help with Journals then I would recommend getting in touch with an accountant as they are best to advise

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