Opening Balance in the Red

Although i have been using Quickfile for a couple of weeks, we have only just got the opening balance figures. It is in the red in overdraft and im having a real problem putting this in?

I have tried to put it in the bank but it removes the - and so has the minus as a + figure, which is incorrect.

How can i rectify this please?

Edited to add… it also doesnt want me to put the opening balance on the same date that some transactions took place? this is very odd, how do i sort this?

Hi @Hayles,

You should be able to enter a negative figure as the opening balance. I have tested this on multiple accounts and has worked each time?

If you go to Banking find the account you wish to enter an opening balance for then click Options > Account settings

You will then be able to tick the box and enter the relevant amount and date, It will need to be a date before any other transactions have been entered. so If you started entering transactions dated 01.01.19 you will need to set the opening balance to 31.12.18


Hoe this makes sense :slight_smile:

That has now been sorted out, thank you, i have to delete the journal entry as it would allow me to modify it by adding -, so i deleted it all and started again.

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