Opening Balance on bank feed not showing in debit?

Hi Can anyone advise why my bank feed is not showing a minus (in debit) when in my opening balance i typed -£2000 for example? When I go to my bank feed it shows im in credit?

Thank you

that’s the correct way of showing it in the balance sheet. Are you definitely looking at the bank account view rather than the balance sheet? On the balance sheet view a bank account balance in red (debit) is positive and green (credit) is overdrawn.

If you enter a transaction in your bank account, for example £1 money in, you will see the amended balance £-1999.

Look for the opening balance journal. If not done, you have to tell quickfile from where the opening balance is coming from (retained profit - loss) or so. If you don’t enter it the balancing entry will end up in your suspense account - see below.

And if you see the journal then you may understand why your opening balance is a credit entry in your bank nominal account (balance sheet)

Hope this helps

i thought i would just start again so deleted the bank feed and deleted everything since 1st april thinking i could put the correct opening figure in again. I think ive made it worse! Where and how do i re enter the opening figure and date and start as new? :sob:

If you have not entered much in your quickfile account, it’s maybe best to wipe the whole account and start fresh.

If you just want to enter your opening balance again, go to your bank account click Option at the top and Settings. Remember to delete the whole journal from your last opening balance before entering the new one.

i started with quickfile 1st april for new tax year, i deleted the journal, when trying to put in a new opening balance it will only let me go to 24th may (21 days) I found the figure on my mobile banking and entered it to get this message

The opening balance could not be saved as there are transactions occuring before the opening balance date you supplied

what do i do now?

Hello @sammy

Have you managed to resolve your issue.

I can see on your account you managed to enter the opening balance date as 01/04/2022.

Hello Steve

I’m not sure to be honest, i have entered the opening figure of today
and todays date so im going to monitor it. Does anyone offer the
smartlook service so you can show me on my screen but i do it if that
makes sense?

No my opening balance is still wrong, can you help please?

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