Opening Balance seems to have changed after 2 years!


I noticed my balance was way out during a recent statement import. I figured it was an issue with the import (I use Co-op and it still has issues) - but when I checked each entry against my bank statement, they matched up. I back tarcked for months and the entries are right but the balance is always out by that huge margin.

Anyway, I checked my balance at the very first entry and it is -178.92… the opening balance however should be +3173.87

when I check my account settings, the opening balance is correct, the journal entry created is correct, however the balance at day one of Quickfile doesn’t match up.

It was correct before I did a recent bout of tagging and statement imports. any ideas?!

Our account closing date is 31st of Aug so I would really like to get on top of this asap.

Thanks very much.

Is there an errant entry that has a date set before the opening balance, or is there a sales/purchase that pre-dates the OB. This is what I have noticed is usually the culprit.


I don’t think it’s anything to do with your opening balance, it is £3,173.87 as you mentioned. Nothing precedes the OB and there are 3 entries on the day after with the closing balance that day as expected.

31/08/2011: 3173.87 CR << Opening Balance
01/09/2011: 50.00 DR
01/09/2011: 15.31 DR
01/09/2011: 67.00 DR

01/09/2011: 3,041.56 << Closing Balance

One thing I did notice is at least 100 manual payments to Tesco created on 21st of this month but with transactions dates marked as 2013-2014. I would think that these ones may well account for the balance issues.

Go to your account and put the following search in:

Hello, thanks for the prompt reply. Yes, those maunally inputted tesco payments were all duplicates - I’m not quite sure How I managed to do that, (in bulk!) but thanks for spotting the issue.

Much appeciated,


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