Opening / Closing Stock (Self Assessment)

Hi, i am sorry to ask what i know is likely to be a simple question but im just wondering if anyone maybe able to answer the correct process for opening / closing stock on a self assessment as there is no opening closing boxes,

i’ve been looking into this and from what im trying to work out is for example say i have £10,000 purchases (including the stock i have) (box 17 in expenses) in a year and at the end of the year i have £1000 in stock still do i record on my self assessment in the purchases box (Cost of goods bought for resale or goods used) £9000 (taking into account the beginning of the year would be £0 (opening stock) and closing stock being £1000 (by this example)

then for the future year opening stock (£1000) would be added (+) to that same box and then closing stock again minused off again.

this maybe completely wrong but i just cant work out exactly in what section on the self assessment this would go into,

thank you

Cost of goods sold = Opening stock + purchases - closing stock

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Thank you, im really sorry to sound stupid with this, i do have an accountant but trying to get hold them is becoming a bit of a nightmare, i just want to be sure they complete the return correctly as this will be the first year,

with the calculation you mention i cannot see any section named cost of good sold (im very sorry i know is its probably a stupid thing to say), but bearing in mind from what you say (opening stock + purchases - closing stock) would this total calculation go into the box named Cost of goods bought for resale or goods used or is there a different section completely for this as i’ve gone through the return a few times and i can only see this section being the most suitable place bearing in mind the purchases would already be in that box.

thank you

Cost of goods bought for resale will do

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Thank you, i really appreciate your help

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