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Option to always add PDF to emails


I have a client (Not the one in my previous feature request) that has started to use ‘mypaperless.co.uk

It’s a computerised service that opens emails, reads invoices and credit notes attached as a pdf then automatically imports the data into Sage. Unfortunately it’s AI can read an invoice.pdf but it can’t follow the link to the invoice in the portal. :roll_eyes:

In QF ‘Client Details’ there is the option to allow pdf’s to be attached to emails. What I would like is an additional option to always attach pdf’s to the clients details. :pray:


Do you have a Power User Subscription?

There’s a guide on how to use the global scripts if you have and one of the examples is auto check the “Attach PDF” box.


Yes I am and thanks for the customisation tips.

I tried it and yes it works but it is a global setting. Apparently reading the Help Tip that was the default at some point…

If I send without ticking for this client, it’s my mistake and I’ll get paid late after sending an overdue notice for an invoice I haven’t sent. If everyone that I might want to occasionally send an invoice to always has a pdf attached then they may stop following the link and I won’t know if the invoice has been read or not.

So again I would like a Client Details solution that in addition to allowing pdf attachments has a separate option in client settings that forces an attachment. Perhaps alternatively 3 radio buttons

  • Never attach a pdf
  • Allow pdf attachments
  • Always attach a pdf

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Hi @Gollingsm,

Thank you for your post, your ideas have been noted :slight_smile: