Option to amend existing purchase invoice from receipt hub

When I’m working through receipts in the Receipt Hub, and something has been auto-tagged after a bank import, I would like the ability to add a project tag (and maybe otherwise alter the auto-tagging). Example would be where I have travel with a train operator (which is frequent, and I’ve chosen to auto-tag it on import) but I want to add a project tag so i can find it more easily when re-billing to a client, and so it can appear in a project P&L.

It might also help to be able to change the CoA allocation - for instance most of my Amazon ordering is office supplies, etc., (and therefore worth auto-tagging when I load the bank statement) but some of them need re-charging, or are bits to go to the DLA.

This is the kind of incremental functionality which wouldn’t affect standard usage, but which would be valued by those that used it (and I guess not that difficult to implement - just requires some sort of click through to the transaction that doesn’t autopost until edited).

Hello @mlawson

We’re keen not to clutter up the receipt hub too much, but we are always open to suggestions.

As with all feature requests, we’ll leave this open for other users to add their vote and comments. If there’s enough interest from the community, we can certainly take a closer look at this to see how feasible it would be.

The ability to add or tweak project tags from the receipt hub, if the bank transaction already exists and matches, would still be really helpful.