Option to send overdue invoice reminders by snail mail

Option to send overdue invoice reminders by snail mail

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This is not something that we are currently planning to introduce. But others may add their vote here if interested.

Would it not be relatively simple to introduce?

The reminders are ready to go (as they are set up for email), just need to be sent to imail rather than by email.

In the meantime we can copy the reminder into a letter and send it that way with the original invoice as an attachment.

Not really… There’s a lot going on behind the scenes that would be required to make that work. Building the cover note, generating and attaching the invoice PDF, checking the credit, pushing over to iMail, monitoring the status. All this doesn’t happen in split seconds and if you bulk tick a load of invoice reminders together it’s even slower. You need a lot of validation around this and additional reporting to make sure they’ve actually been sent and accepted by iMail.

Also the templates for email wouldn’t work for letters as they include hyperlinks, you’d need a completely new set of templates for this scenario…with that comes the requirement to build UI so these can be edited.

Okay, that’s fine.

(by the way, why do replies have to be at least 20 characters long? the above wouldn’t sent by itself)

I think it’s to discourage people from replying with one or two word replies like “Thanks” or “+1”, “Me too” etc. The people who develop the forum software are pretty religious about removing everything but relevant conversation. They’d rather people just clicked the “like button” :heart:, I’m also getting used to the new forum but I still think it’s infinitely better than what we had before.

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Yes, I suppose thanking people is all so well, but then they end up with twice as many notifications.

If you hit the reply button in the corner of the post that user will get an email notification.

If you reply using the button at the bottom or if you like a post they won’t receive an email just a notification here:

Another useful thing you can do is highlight text from someone’s post and click the quote button to include this in a reply.

Oh and the best feature of all is CTRL + V image pasting.

I’d be interested in this too, especially if you could just go in to the outstanding invoices and check all the ones you want to send. The iMail integration is great for the customers who don’t like E-mailed invoices.

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We are having issues with late payments. We would like to be able to send the final reminder in a different way to the account default. In our case the default method of delivery is email. We would like all final reminders to be sent via snail mail. If a client is not receiving notification because of a spam filter or mail rule it at least ensures they receive the final reminder.

OK as a compromise what about the option to CC an address in with final reminders. That would be better than nothing

The CC option is fine and we’ll look at this within the next 2 weeks.

We can potentially support final reminder letters but it would need some work as we can’t simply use the same template as we do for emails. The letter tool also doesn’t support templates so that would be needed as a prerequisite. There’s also the question of attaching invoices, it would require cross-checking against other overdue invoices for the same client so that overdue invoices could be batched. This process also should not be automated in my view, if you are sending out final warnings, you ideally wouldn’t want these firing off automatically.

In short there’s a lot of work to do to make this happen and unfortunately right now we can’t make it a top priority.

Thanks Glen, CC would be a great start and 2 weeks is awesome ( I wont hold you to it).

I can appreciate there are other deadlines and priorities but it would be really good to have some thought around chasing overdue fees and improving the current capabilities. Then have them added to one of the next releases.

Thanks for your response.

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