Option to set/change default search range (Bank Tagging Screen)

Request for the option to be able set a default search range for bank tagging transactions.

The current default is currently set to “1 month” this is fine if you only deal with invoices payable within 1 month

it however becomes more of a pain if the invoice is EOM + 1 (End of Month + 1) as you have to request the server to re-search

also if your tagging debit card transactions and especially have lots the same amount, such as fuel receipts this can drag out 1-14 or so matches, Which i then have to select “3 days” as most debit card transactions hit your account in this time (except bank holidays) which again makes the server have to perform another search to narrow the results to get the correct invoice/receipt.

the option to set a default would greatly help and also speed up the tagging process, and also in my case reduce the amount of database requests/lookups

The other problem being that this would ideally need to be easy and quick to change, if a user wanted to switch between tagging invoice payments and card payments or to match the payment terms of the particular invoices they are trying to match.

Possibility having the option on the banking screen, such as a drop down or radio option would be great so that when changed this would work there and then for that account, but also be change able on the fly if thats possible ?

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Just a quick one to let you know that this is something we will be working on within the next week or two. I will update this thread when it has been implemented.

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Thanks for the update, unfortunatley, we’ll be moving over to Xero by the end of the year. Thanks

Sorry to hear that, feel free to PM or post any feedback as to what swayed you towards Xero.

I’m hoping however this update will be of benefit to other QF users.

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