Out of vat scope report

Dear QF Team,
is there any chance to make report of ‘Out of scope’ transactions ?

Hi @crra47

Thank you for your suggestion. It’s certainly something we can consider.

I’ve converted the feature request for the moment for other users to add their comments/vote to.

Also, is there any chance of including VAT in the search parameters at some point.

Last time I tried to do a date range search on my purchases/sales for 0% VAT rated transactions I couldn’t do it.

A sales report that can be categoried into VAT categories will be useful. especially when there is HMRC VAT compliance check or simply for end of the year sales/VAT recon.

Also columns for Invoice date and when the invoice was paid, would be a handy report for people using cash accounting method of submiting VAT returns. (This is because cash accounting VAt returns use payment date for submission of VAT rather then invoice date).