Outstanding balance wrong in PayPal

I have an invoice that my client has made payments against in different ways so I’ve had to add credits to reduce the outstanding balance. They want to pay the remaining £13 but when they click on the link to pay by PayPal the balance to pay is shown as £25. The invoice is number 000132

My notifications show that Glenn has replied but I can’t see the text… :confused:

Sorry for the delay, we’re looking into this now. I will get back to you in a few moments.

OK it looks as if the value passed over to PayPal wasn’t considering the credit note. What I’ve done to avoid holding things up is remove the credit note and instead entered it as a minus figure on a new line (NET effect is the same). Your client will now be prompted to pay the correct amount.

The actual underlying problem was passed to a developer to look at further and it’s likely to require a redeployment which is not likely to happen for a few days.

Thanks Glenn, I’ve let the client know.

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