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Outstanding Purchases - Partial balance by default


1.) Can I set the Outstanding purchases page to show Partial balances by default?
Without it there is a real issue of overpaying a supplier.

2.) Also is there a bug in the Export Batch Payment List, Aggregate, as this shows outstanding balance without credit notes - again we would then be overpaying a supplier ?

(The Detailed does include the credit note in the balance)

3.) Can the Detailed report be made more clearer to show if a credit note has been included or not, as currently it only shows an unexplained total in the balance column?


There’s no set way within QuickFile, but if you have a Power User Subscription, you could possibly use a bit of JavaScript for this. I’ll take a look and come back to you.

I’ve logged this with our team to take a look.

Also is it possible to have a shortcut link in the left hand menu that will directly do a
Export Batch Payment List, Detailed breakdown by supplier ?
We would then use this for our monthly BACS payment run.

(yes we are power users)

Since the Team are going to have a look at this can they also address a post about this in Sept 18 please



Hi @ChrisatIIOnline,

It isn’t possible due to that action being a button rather than a page. You can add a link to the purchases page but not that specific action.

This should now be fixed. Please can you retry and let us know if that works all OK?

This seems to have been lost a bit in an already “implemented” thread. I recommend starting a new feature request for this, and we’ll take a look if there’s enough interest. In the meantime, as the export is a CSV file, you can use software such as Excel or Google Sheets to filter and order data.

HI Mathew
Yes that now works.

This is really frustrating to request this again, it was me that ask the first time round over a year ago for a report that allowed BACS payments reporting.
Batch Supplier Payment Report
and within hours of its Beta release I requested these tweeks to make it more useful but its been stuck in Beta for over a year.
Since someone has just fixed the Aggregate can they not sort out the detailed report why they are at it?

I’ve given up on posting feature requests :frowning:


Hi Chris,

I’ve asked for this to be reviewed. The ordering of items on the detailed report should be relatively straight forward to update. We will also look into including the project tags.

I’ll keep you posted on this.

HI Glen
Much Appreciated

Challenge accepted!

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Morning @ChrisatIIOnline

We’ve now made a few enhancements to the batch payment report.

  1. Suppliers are now ordered alphabetically (ascending) with invoices grouped in date ascending order.
  2. The detailed report now includes project tags where applicable.
  3. We’ve created a dedicated landing page for exporting these reports which you can access from the reports section.

Regarding point 3 you can navigate to that page and create a menu link which should make it easier to run these reports with just a couple of clicks from your dashboard.

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