"Overdue tax return" reminder DASHBOARD

Can I get rid of the persistant “Overdue…” Reminder on the dashboard. I’m quite happy that it reminds me but the accountant is on top of things thanks? There’s probably an entry I have to put in or switch off somewhere?

There’s no way to switch this reminder off. Our system syncs with Companies House every 24 hours and updates the status so it will disappear as soon as the accounts are filed. I’ll recommend this to the developers.

well well well, Thats quite good I guess, albeit a little annoying as most accountants take forever to complete the filing! perhaps a little marker to do the same? I guess that this helps those who do their own filing!

If you’re accounts are overdue I would strongly advise them to get this resolved ASAP as the penalties issued for late accounts are now very harsh.

It’s an automatic £150 fine as soon as the accounts are overdue and it can rise to £1500 for private limited companies.


Thanks Glenn, we have an accountant, he submits them in the period allowed by regulation.

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