Overpayment refund

I purchased parts from a supplier. Upon return of old parts I got a refund on my debit card. Unfortunately the guy at the desk incorrectly charged my card with the amount that should have been refunded and then after realising his mistake he then put the full amount back on my card again. How do I tag the transactions correctly from my bank? Total of first invoice was 283.44 which was all paid… Refund was supposed to be 40.80 but the guy charged the card 40.80. Then he refunded the account 81.60. How do I tag the 40.80 out and the 81.60 in to my account?

Just record original amount refund of 40.80 in QF that will agree balance with bank overall and make notes on system of 40.80 further out by error and refunded 81.60 in bank

Thanks. That saves a lot of overthinking it.

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