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Overriding VAT on invoice

I have received an ebay invoice from this new managed payments and the VAT is about £3 higher than it should be for the total invoice amount.

I’m presuming that it is because of rounding up - I think they must have rounded up on several thousand individual fees which make up the invoice.

I’m trying to create the purchase by entering the net amount invoiced but it will only allow me to add up to 10p onto the VAT charged. So the total of the purchase remains about £3 less than the invoice.

Is there any way to get around this?

Hi @Paulwk1972,

If overtyping the amount isn’t working then a way around it would be to add a line with an incorrect net amount to create the correct VAT amount and then add another line to minus the incorrect net amount but with zero VAT. This should then leave you with the correct net and the correct VAT.

You will either need to make the correct Net amount line zero VAT or just do as above to add the adjustment you need to the VAT.

Hope that makes sense?

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Or you can tick the box that says add total inclusive of vat, add the actual gross and then add the actual vat. It will alter the net and keep the vat the amount that’s stated on the invoice.

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Paul, thanks for that, it sounds a really simple solution. However the box which says add total inclusive of VAT, seems to have disappeared as an option on my purchase template?

Thanks QFBeth, I tried your suggestion and it worked, though I think it would have been a bit more straight forward with Paul’s solution. Any idea why the box with the option to add total inclusive of VAT is no longer available to me?

I might be refering to sales invoices actually now you mention it.

It never was, it only appears for sales invoices.

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