P&L report issue

Hey guys think I have found a bug. Could be related to the year 2020.
When I go to segmented P&L report monthly , quarterly and calendar year generate fine.

If I select financial year end however it never loads and eventually causes Chrome to prompt if I want to wait or kill the page.

It seams that it is now working!

Hi - I am also having trouble with the P&L reports. I can’t get my segmented P&L - I get the message ‘We have been unable to process this request, please retry later’ This is on both Chrome and AVG browser. Is anyone else having this issue?

I am now getting the same message as you which is different to the issue I first reported. This is now happening on all segment types monthly, quarterly, etc

Thank you for our patience here. I’ve asked our development team to investigate.

Update: Apologies for this - this has now been resolved. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you experience any further issues.

Matthew i am still unable to generate “year end”.

Symptoms suggest maybe it is looping the data or I have an issue with my Data (Qty or issue with record) can you PM me ill give you my account to investigate

Hmm, certainly sounds a bit odd! I’ve just tried this and it’s worked fine.

I’ll drop you that PM shortly :slight_smile:

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