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As per previous thread - Need for speed! - Pages slow loading - support - QuickFile

Pages are loading slowly once again, very frustrating.


Hi @Rob

Are you seeing this with any specific pages, or when doing anything in particular?

It appears to be widesread but have noticed it more when navigating to sales and estimate screens.


I will also add that wait times can vary between 1-2 seconds to 5 or more sometimes.

Hi Mathew,
I experience this too, But it is not just today or yesterday, it is going on for a few weeks now. For example when tagging bank account entries and click on the tagging button, the usual pop-up window opens but very often it has only a turning wheel/circle in it, nothing else. Up to a minute it sometimes take to get the tagging options in the popup window.
Also, when jumping to another bank account or sales, it takes quite a long time (in comparison to before) before I see the entries. The menu at the top is there but it takes a while for all the other things.

The time of year will be a factor although we’re not seeing anything untoward in our logs. The average load time for this morning is around 265 ms, however there was a blip at around 09:20 where it briefly spiked to ~ 2-3 seconds. This is ofcourse an average so there can be cases where it was longer than that (particularly on larger accounts).

The issues reported last week were actually due to some specific outage with our 3rd party caching service. Some of the longer loads this morning were on the sale/estimate lists (as @Rob mentioned). It is also worth noting that larger accounts will inherently pull data a little slower and once the data has initially been retrieved, it should be fairly quick thereafter.

We do continually monitor performance and will implement any needed changes to help keep things running fast. @rhc I would recommend just letting us know on a PM if you experience any slowness and we can then try determine the cause.

Thanks Glenn, will do. :slight_smile:

Sorry - I concur, this is particularly bad again this morning.

I’d say the wait at times is up to 10 seconds to load a list of items - for example this morning I went to review recurring invoices and I’d say that was about a 10 second wait for the list to appear.

@sean1 is this specific to invoices? Is it the first load of the list or every load?

I just went back now and checked and it was faster I’ll admit. Most of the time I am browsing from one thing to the next though and it becomes noticeable. I often see the greyed ‘ghost’ records on the screen for a while before they resolve. Sorry I know its not very useful or specific. If I can make any observations I will be back to share!

OK thanks for confirming. I think the initial loading of the sales invoice list has been a little slower this morning, but after that first load it should get cached and then run much faster with subsequent loads.

There are some things we are looking at to help improve performance.

In my experience, I can load sales and estimate screens around 30+ times per day, wait times can be very slow sometimes, they are quicker if reloaded within a short time frame however if left for 30 minutes or so then the load times can be slow once again.


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