Paid for QuickFile branding removal?

Is there or will there ever be the possibility to remove the QuickFile branding, for instance hosting the client login section on our own domain? It would be good as a paid for option, as long as your code and updates would synchronise so it doesn’t get out of date? What’s your thoughts on this?

Have you used the Account Settings>System Design ? I do and my client log in has my logo and my chosen colour scheme -( which I just checked and must change as it looks terrible!), but no QF branding that I can see

Do you mean the domain that the client portal is hosted under? e.g.

There isn’t any other Quick File branding in the client area that I am aware of?

Hi, yes the domain itself I guess is the branding I meant in my question. Wondering if that is an option to change it on a paid for consultancy version.

This has been discussed previously, you can see the old thread here. Unfortunately there’s been no change here, it’s quite a big job to implement this feature. It may well eventually appear under the Affinity (paid for service) umbrella, but right now it’s not something that we’re currently planning.