Paid invoice showing as partially unpaid

I have a dummy account set up for testing (and for when I do screenshots etc on here).

Looking at the graph, it says there’s still some outstanding for August:

If I click on the ‘£25’ for August I see this:

And if I click on the Monthly Balance (£4.99), I see this:

Part of the invoice (£25) has been credited, but I though this would have updated on the graph, or at least, the figures?

Edit: Not that it actually matters if my test account is incorrect, but thought it could possibly highlight an issue which other users may notice

The invoices and credit note on their own look fine. I’m just not sure about the £4.99 balance showing for the month of August as the invoice has a £20.01 payment and a £4.99 credit note.

I’ve referred it to be looked at in more detail for now.

We’ve made a slight change to the way the table calculates the monthly balance with credit notes. This should now reflect on your side.

Spot on :). Thank you for the quick fix!

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