Parent / subsidiary companies

Does QuickFile allow for multiple company accounts to be created under the one yearly subscription? Or do you have to create a different log in / subscription (over 1000) for each company accounts?

Hi @James_C

If they are one legal entity, you could use one account with multiple trading styles.

However, if they are different legal entities, it may be better to keep them separate for auditing purposes. You may wish to take a look at Affinity accounts which allow you to access multiple accounts with one email address and password. Affinity is also charged differently which makes it more cost effective where more than one account is involved.

I’ve included some links below which may help:

From what you’ve said affinity would be better but slight confusion the subscription is £45 per annum, if I get a subscription then can I access the affinity package to create separate accounts?

As the billing link doesn’t actually say the costs only it’s more cost effective?


Just had a look at creating an account for a CIC social Enterprise i would choose the ‘charity (limited)’ option and then create additional accounts for each separate CIC company (this will be limited CIC’s which would include (cafe, high street shop & online shop) this would be developed into separate business locations and the parent CIC will be management for the subsidiary CIC

Affinity is a separate product from the Power User Subscription. If you have Affinity, the PUS isn’t a requirement (but is available optionally for the added features). With Affinity, you’re charged per account calculated daily and either deducted from your credit or collected monthly by direct debit.

You can sign up for a trial for Affinity if you wish - all Affinity accounts come pre-loaded with a £10 credit to give you a head start :slight_smile:

Once you log in, you can then create new accounts or link existing accounts as you wish.

There’s a link to a price calculator from the guide, but for convenience you can access it here:

In short - if you connect an account for 31 days, the minimum would be £1.27 and the maximum would be £2.97 for that account (excludes VAT).

That sounds fine. You can start out as one account and add it to an Affinity account at a later date if you wish. It’s pretty flexible in that sense.

Hope that helps!