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Parking-related expenses


Travelling-related expenses

From what I understand I can claim for the cost of parking my vehicle, congestion charges, and tolls. However, what should these be recorded as in QF.

  1. General Purchases
  2. Miscellaneous Expenses
  3. Miscellaneous Motor Expenses
  4. Travelling

I appreciate the support and guidance.

P.S. Is there a list of what the Category items relate to anywhere? So as to understand the relationships better.

E.G. Travelling = A.B.C > Miscellaneous Motor Expenses = A.B.C etc




Hi Andy,

Firstly, general purchases is used for stock that you sell on, so this category wouldn’t be appropriate.

I wouldn’t call it a misc expense as it can fit into another category.

So, by my reckoning, I’d say either misc motor expenses or travelling would be appropriate.

To answer your question about a list, there isn’t one as such, but you can get help quite easily. When you’re creating a purchase invoice, there’s a help button:

Just type what you’re looking for and it should help. Just to clarify what the answer was for you, I typed in parking:

Hope that helps!

P.s. I’m not an accountant, so it’s always worth double checking with one!




Firstly, are you a sole trader or ltd company?

If you are a sole trader, then you have to consider not only a suitable nominal code but also you have to be careful that the different costs are allowable in the eyes of Mr tax man (hmrc).

The rule of thumb is that costs you pay with the sole purpose of earning business profits are allowable expenses. You are not permitted to deduct costs for non-business or personal purposes.

I would think parking charges are allowable, but I am not 100% sure about congestion charges and tolls. Suggest you contact hmrc to get their answer on these.

If you operate as a ltd co. again check with hmrc.

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Hi Parker1090,

Thanks for the reply and I have noted your guidance.

Just an observation you picture advises to “Help me Choose a Category” which I can see is in creating an invoice, however, this does not show this when tagging a receipt in the “Receipt Hub”.

A “Help me Choose a Category” here would help in the same why I think.

Maybe this could be put forward as a suggest/feature.




All that “Help me Choose a Category” tool does is suggest a nominal category based on a common type of expense. When you select an option it pre-fills the category box on the purchase invoice. Seeing the screenshot above it appears to suggest motoring expenses in this case so you can just directly enter that to the category box.

If other’s would find it useful to have this search tool in the Receipt Hub then I’m sure we could look at adding it here too.



Hi Glenn,

To be truthful I scan my receipts in via the CS app as advised and then when they have be sync’d from DropBox, I go to “Receipt Hub” and create/add the purchase there. I didn’t know or have ever created a purchase via the method Parker1090 describes, as I’ve only ever done it via the “Receipt Hub”.

I feel it would be useful if the feature “Help me Choose a Category”, was there, may be taking it direction from the description to give it’s suggestion.

Would I need to add this suggestion to the “Feature” discussion board?


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@AndyF it shouldn’t be difficult to implement over on the Receipt Hub. Would you mind creating a separate feature request and then I can get that escalated to the development team, thanks!