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Parsing on VAT return

Would anyone have any idea why on my VAT return when I fill in box 2 , 8 & 9 , which are filled in as 0( zero) it always comes back as parsed…
I have no dealings with EU as all trade is solely UK based, there are only 47 entries for the quarter

I’ve tried using different columns and rows but always the same message and then unable to fill in the return fully.

Have read on the knowledge base that it may be a £ sign or something similar in the columns / rows although I can’t see any.

Any explanations or advice would be greatly appreciated…

When you say “fill in”, do you mean you’re using the bridging module?

Hi Ian.
Yes , using the bridging module

Hi @Rockhunter

Sorry for the delayed response for this.

I’ll send you a private message now to see if we can get this straightened out.

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