Part exchanged vehicle sales invoice

How do I mark it as paid. It is taken off the purchase invoice for the new vehicle

Have a look here which is may useful

Hi, I am at the other end of the deal. I do have an invoice from the motor trader for the whole amount without the deduction of the sale of my part exchange vehicle. So I am not sure how to enter the part exchange sale invoice as paid. Its been discounted from my purchase invoice. Don’t know what to do.

Probably the easiest way is deal with the transactions through the cash account as follows…
Create a cash payment for the amount of the part exchange. If you entered the purchase of the vehicle as a purchase invoice, then tag as a supplier payment and clear the invoice balance.
Create a cash receipt for the same value. Assuming you haven’t raised a sales invoice for the p/exchange, then tag as something else and post to the asset code for vehicles. If you have raised a sales inv for the p/e then tag as a customer receipt and allocate against the invoice.

Thanks for trying, don’t understand what you are saying.

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