Part Paid Sales Invoice Tagging

Hello, the easy bank tagging from the bank statement is great. It would be great if when you select “Payment from a customer” it automatically finds and matches the invoice balances not just the full amount. For e.g. An invoice is raised for £100, they pay £40 part payment then 1 week later they pay the balance of £60, however Quickfile will only look for invoices that have a full open balance of £60, not the £60 balance of the above invoice. This would save on having to use the search multiple invoices facility.

Thanks for the suggestion. Computationally it’s much harder to work out all balances than just returning the total unpaid invoices. The system needs to do multiple look-ups which is resource intensive on such a frequently hit area of the site.

We’ll certainly consider this but I just thought I’d explain why we aren’t doing it right now. You can however use the other tagging option to narrow down a supplier and return all invoices with full and part balances.

Thanks getting back to me. In the mean time it’s not a big issue at all. Thanks for the reply.

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