Part Payment for online payment

I have read most of the threads relating to Part Payments and I understand that the online payment currently wants to take the full amount but stage payments are quite normal for me and it would be useful if a client could log in and select an option to part pay…do you think that this might be a future development at any stage soon?

It isn’t something we’re planning at this stage and although it probably seems like a simple addition, there are quite a number of different situations we’d need to handle properly. I.e. multiple invoices with one payment, part payments with delayed clearing e.g. GoCardless and probably others that would need careful consideration.

The advice at this stage would be to supply different invoices for each part payment or instruct the client to pay using some other more traditional method like BACs or cheque.

For now I’ll convert this to a feature request so we can track interest going forward.


Understood and appreciated. Excellent support as ever!

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Just to let you know, we are reviewing this next week. We hope to be able to make it possible for end-clients to make part payments when this option is enabled by the account holder.

We will update this thread in due course.

This is a quick update to let you know that we now allow clients to make partial payments against their invoices when using the online payment methods.

More details here:

Allow clients to make partial payments on invoices