Partial business expenses

It would be great to be able to assign percentages to categories e.g.

Broadband Internet and Fax = 50% business use
Miscellaneous motoring expenses = 25% business use

rather than having to manually do the calculation on every expense entered

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So basically apply a percentage discount to purchases in the same way that they are applied to sales?

Yes, though it would be nice if it could be applied to a whole category retrospectively. For instance, I don’t know what percentage of my mileage is business until the end of the year/quarter, so I wouldn’t be able to set that percentage when doing each purchase receipt.

My current plan is to apply the percentage to that category’s total, then add that as a negative purchase, but it feels a bit clumsy

Thank you for the suggestion @cjdshaw

We’ll leave your post open for others to add their comments and suggestions, and we can take a closer look at the feasibility of this, should there be enough interest from the community.

Hello. I have just started using Quickfile. I love it. I have the same question that cjdshaw. I noticed that in Quickfile forum few users ask the same in different way. So I repeat what cjdshaw wrote: It would be great to be able to assign percentages to categories.

You can`t apply a percentage discount to purchases. There is no such option as it is in sales.