Partial payment emails

just notice the second time i have put through a partial payment and sent the email it says x amount paid but it be nice for it if pay in full int ticked to say x amount still outstanding


The only problem is there is only one template and this is bound on-load of that box. To do update the wordings on this dynamically we’d need to have multiple templates and dynamically adjust the wordings every time the amounts are changed.

As this is not a straightforward implementation we’d like to see more support first before taking this further.

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Just a quick update to your post. While a new template wasn’t implemented, we did add the tag @InvoiceTotalBalance@ to the Payment Received template, which will show the outstanding balance of the invoice. This can be used with the @PaymentAmount@ tag to show what’s been paid and what’s outstanding.

I’ll update this thread to implemented. Any queries, please let us know.