Partial payment issues

When looking at outstanding invoices report, there are 5 partial payment records. When I go to credit or make an amendment it won’t let me /doesn’t give me the option. I’m not sure if it’s because the period has been locked, but I need to clear them out of the system some how.

Hello @JBathgate

I had a look at your account regarding this.

  • From the Debtors report,
  • I went through the accounts with prepayments
  • Clicked on the outstanding amount.
  • Clicked into an invoice
  • Clicked “Log Payment”

The option to allocate came up

Do you have specific examples you can not allocate?

Hi Steve, due to these being missed and only being very small amounts, we just want to credit them back, ie on invoice 012188 if I try to credit the balance of £4.88 and reduce the unpaid balance it doesn’t show me a anything to credit, it’s showing as nothing?

Hello @JBathgate

I have managed to replicate your issue on my test data.

I have passed the issue to the development team for review.

I will keep you updated on this feed.

Hello @JBathgate

I have received word from the development team that an update was released last night to rectify your issue.