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Partial payment on invoice leaves bad debt on balance


How can I show an unpaid balance on an invoice as a bad debt without showing the whole invoice as a bad debt? There are a few clients who are shy of 50p or so and we are not going to chase them for it. Stephen


I know that there was a problem in the past over writing off part paid invoices. You may have to find a workaround.

I send statements to my clients so that they can see what is outstanding rather than treat each invoice individually.


I believe this was resolved, although please let us know if you discover otherwise.

It’s worth remembering that a bad debt option won’t appear until 6 months has passed.


Thanks. I want to be sure that I don’t write the whole invoice off as a bad debt when it might only be the last 50p that is unpaid.


Has this been resolved? I have an invoice for £41, on which the customer has paid £40. It was labelled as “Partially Paid”, and then after 6 months I marked it as “Bad Debt”. However, Quickfile seems to have marked the entire amount as bad debt, because when I run a project report, it shows an income of £40 more than the total sales amount, i.e. because the whole invoice is no longer treated as sales, the £40 that was paid by the customer is seen as surplus income not associated with a sale. Is there a way to write off just the balance - £1 - without writing off the entire invoice? The only way I can think of at this moment is to delete the original invoice, and re-issue two in its place - one for £40, marked as paid, and one for £1, which I can eventually mark as bad debt. But that seems long winded and unhelpful……


I had to do something similar when faced with this situation

Deleted payment
Created and paid new invocie for the amount received
Wrote off whole of original invoice.