Password protecting invoices/statements etc


I have started sending all emails containing personal data encrypted and with a password to access. This is just in case I make a typo on the email address. Is this a feature your system offers to make the personal information transfer GDPR compliant?



The QuickFile approach would be to “enforce client login” and then not include the personal data in the email body - they’d have to click the link and sign in with their username and password to see the actual invoice.

Hi I have set that on and emailed a invoice to me and the link just goes directly to the invoice. No password screen. I even changed the password and sent it to myself but still no joy. Thanks for the idea.


Have you tried the link in a different browser or a “private browsing” window? This would be a way to check it’s not just bypassing the login page because you’re already logged in as admin on the same QuickFile account.

Hello @rentprem

As @ian_roberts explains, if “enforce client login” is set for that client, then the link should take you to the login screen. However, if you’re already logged in as an admin, this may still work for you. If you could try while being logged out and let me know if you encounter any issues, I’m more than happy to take a look for you.

Hi, Yes that worked. Silly me. When I opened the link in private it came up with the login page.

Thank you all

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