Password reset again-again

I cannot reset my password.
I have viewed earlier forum advice and I have set my password length to 18 characters.
The characters include everything possible, upper & lc, Nos & specials & no spaces.
No common words are used
I keep getting an error message ‘Please choose a stronger password’
I cannot get the reset to work.

I have tried to reset about 5 times.

Any help including a staff member resetting my password which hopefully I could immediately change when I manage to login in would be wonderful.

Hi @quintain,

Have you tried using a password generator to create the password?

Hi QFBeth…yes for resets No 1 to 3 when the reset page was on screen…for resets 4 & 5 I copied a pw from a generator and put it into the reset boxes with no delay …I got the same fault message on all occasions…I will try a v small pw to see if it will take later today.

Hi again QFBeth my silliness overlooked that you are from the support team. The regenerator I have used for a long time is lastpass.
I am thinking that something is happening at your end when I have in a v short time tried for a handfull of pw resets i.e. the system is perhaps believing I am trying to scam?? my login details OR perhaps my setup cannot get past what is in my cache and that s why I am getting the same error message. I am trying to avoid clearing my win10 cache.
Regards Richard
AKA quintain

Hi quintain, Did you try to use a different browser?
Also, it is maybe blocked at quickfiles end now. I know another website where you get blocked for 24 hours after 3 failed password resets.

Hi rhc
Yes I can understand and agree blockage when the system considers it is being hacked.
BUT I stopped using QF 12 ish months ago because of log in hiccups, I want to retry but it is frustrating.
If QFBeth cannot help me my next very technical moves are 1. another coffee 2, swear at the PC…3. try to get back to it tomorrow (but I may forget it for another 12 months).

If an incorrect password has been entered several times in a row we do lock the account for security which is released after a set time.

Using another browser would be a good check. But if you’re having no luck, we can look at going through additional security and manually changing it

Hi QFMathew
I am in, resetting my pw worked using Chrome (which I never use)

I have used a moderately straightforward pw.
I did not use my lastpass regenerator for this new (working) pw

Is there a procedure to change my pw while I am in QF

Go to Account settings, Team Management and click “modify” next to your your account (email address). There you can change your password.

Thank you rhc I have done that and changed the pw.
Do you know if the password for the QF program is the same as for this QF forum.
I am hesitant at this time to log out of the program and forum in case I have difficulty in getting back in to either/both.

Best Regards and thank you again

No, the forum is completely independent from the rest of QuickFile with a separate user database.

Thank you Ian_roberts
It is confusing but with help including yours I may be able to use theprogram and forum

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