Pay Euro Invoices with my Euro Business Visa Card


I have a euro based business visa card which i top up with Euros from my GBP account in the UK. Hence if I pay for an invoice when I am abroad I will pay with the Euro card. I could also pay with the Euro petty cash.

The above Visa Card and Euro Petty Cash have been setup as Cash Bank Accounts however I am unable to pay any invoices with foreign accounts. Can that be changed?


Are these invoices also denominated in Euros?

Hi Glenn,

Correct. The invoices I am paying are all in Euros. I have a top-up visa debit cards (with Caxton FX) and essentially I get preferencial exchange rates so it makes more sense for me to pay my euro invoices with my euro card and my GBP invoices with my GBP cards.

Let me know your thoughts.

This is completely supported in Quick File although when you enter a purchase that is paid into a foreign currency account you will not be able to add the payment inline as only GBP accounts will show on this screen.

Instead save the EUR invoice without a payment then on the preview screen click the “Log a payment” button. Here all GBP and EUR bank accounts will appear.

Fantastic. That works a treat. Do you think it will be made available within the payment options in the future?

PS. Great accounting system

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It is something that we intend to look at, I can’t say precisely when right now.

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