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Pay Now Online Booking

Hello everyone,

I cant find nowhere if we can integrate quickfile in my website and the customers to be able to make their booking online and the card details to be saved and secured until the booking is finished and if there have any changes. Like an online booking platform.

Thank you

Hi @junkcare

There is a way of having a “Pay now” button included once an invoice has been generated - but this is done through the QuickFile API, so it requires some coding knowledge.

QuickFile doesn’t save any card details on behalf of users, although we do integrate with Stripe which does offer this.

What integrations do you have at the moment?

Hi @QFMathew,

Thank you for your quick reply.
The Pay Now button is integrated in our invoices and works fine, but I have to make an online booking platform and I was wondering if I can integrate quickfile in a online booking platform.

Hi @junkcare

I’m not aware of any booking platforms that support QuickFile, although you may be able to achieve something with Zapier. They have a few mentioned on their site. Zapier also supports QuickFile.

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